Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities

There are different sources of money for college: Scholarships, Work-Study, Need Based (Financial Aid), Student Loans,
and Parent’s Money to name a few.______________________________________________________________________

 Listed below are some website to get you started in your search for college funding. 

Navigating this information is a monumental task but you have to start somewhere.

There are National Scholarships available.  Here are a few for you to check out: Coca-Cola Scholars National Merit Scholarship  Gates Millennium Scholarship Tylenol Scholarship Hispanic Scholarship Fund Target Corporation

Miscellanous Scholarships Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.- Detroit Alumnae Chapter

You should also search for State Specific Scholarships.

There are also Scholarships available by subjects for example: Accounting, Architecture, Business, Engineering, Biology, etc.

There are scholarships for just about anything, but you have to do your homework and exercise some patience.

Here are scholarships for weird and unusual things:


Youth Track and Field