Joining New Breed

Track and Field

 A Sport

for Everyone

The beauty of track and field is that there is opportunity to compete at any age and at any level. If you have the drive, there will be a competition for you!

New Breed Track Club works with runners , throwers,hurdlers and jumpers of all age groups .

There are many reasons to join a track and field team…………….

  • Maybe you were inspired by watching this past Olympics.

Whatever your reason, track and field has something for every athlete. Unlike other sports, most of the people that try out, come to practice, work hard and will get to compete—and there is nothing like hearing your team cheer as you compete in your event.

So why not join New Breed Track Club.  We practice year-round and offer indoor and outdoor training.  Check out more information about membership and the track schedule on the other pages of our website.




Youth Track and Field