Community Service


 New Breed Track Club athletes are encouraged to serve in their communities as responsible role models and be instrumental in the effort to make their communities places of peace and unity.  All our youth athletes are highly motivated with respect to higher education, leadership ability and personal growth. 

Every youth athlete is expected to participate in at least one community service project a year.  New Breed Track and Field Club’s Community Service activities include but is not limited to participation in the following:

·         Senior Ball sponsored by 10th and 12th Detroit Police Department- youth athletes serve as host/hostess, servers, decorators, etc.

·         Prom Dress Give Back in conjunction with Cedar Christian Church- youth athletes serve as personal shoppers/valet.

·         Cops for Tots sponsored by Detroit Police Department- youth athletes serve as Santa’s Helpers, food servers, prepare bags for Santa to giveaway, etc.

·         Food Give Away in the Community in conjunction with Forgotten Harvest- youth athlete assist in unloading truck, stocking food and distribution.

·         Angel’s Night Operation sponsored by Detroit Fire Department



Here are some photos from our Community Service- Prom Dress Giveaway where the team served as Personal Assistants and River Days 5k where we supported the runners by distributing water.


New Breed Prom Giveaway 3 New Breed Prom Giveaway 6 New Breed Prom Giveaway 8 New Breed Prom Giveaway 11 New Breed River Days 5K-2 New Breed River Days 5K-1

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