Inkster Block Club Coalition

Inkster Block Club Coalition (IBCC)

The Inkster Block Club Coalition (IBCC) is a collective of eight area block clubs dedicated to moving the city of Inkster forward to ensure a progressive and prosperous future.  The eight block clubs consist of the following:

Florence Street Block Club              No Longer Active

Inkster North Central Block Club     No Longer Active

Inkster Central Block Club               Connie Mitchell, President, meetings are TBA

Middle Park Manor Block Club        Ann Gross, President, meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month at 6P

Norfolk Garage Bums                      Kevin Campbell, President

Southwest Block Club                      Eunice Williams, President (Larry Motley, Founder), meetings are Tuesdays at 6P at 3508 Harrison at Beech

Springhill Block Club                         Sandra Studvent, President, meetings are the 1st Saturday of each month at 5PM

Watsonia Park Block Association   Sandra Watley, President, meetings are the 4thTuesday of each month at 6PM.  To foster a atmosphere is community cohesiveness we meet at various members homes as well as Inkster area locations.  Consequently, you must contact the association for meeting locations.

These block clubs come together to support the concerns of each block clubs’ individual issues as well as consensus issues because when we speak with one voice, we will be heard.

The IBCC meets as needed or when a member requests a meeting. We encourage other concerned citizens to join our efforts or to also form a block club or attend the meetings of the established block clubs in Inkster.  “WE ACHIEVE AS ONE”.

Upcoming IBCC Meeting Dates: TBA


Contact Watsonia Park Block Association at (586) 565-4795 for Specifics